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Introduction to e-Progress Report

This system is to allow a student to submit his/her progress report to his/her respective supervisor or panel of supervisors.

You are to write a progress report to inform your supervisor or panel of supervisors about the progress you have made on your thesis over a certain period of time. In this case it is for the past one (1) semester.

Functions and Contents of Progress Reports

In the progress report, you are to explain any or all of the following:

  • How much of the work is complete.
  • What part of the work is currently in progress.
  • What work remains to be done.
  • What problems or unexpected things, if any, have arisen.
  • How the project is progressing in general.

The Progress Reports have several important functions:

  • Reassure supervisor or panel of supervisors that you are making progress, that the project is going smoothly, and that it will be complete by the expected date.
  • Provide supervisor or panel of supervisors with a brief look at some of the findings or some of the work of the project.
  • Give supervisor or panel of supervisors a chance to evaluate your work on the project and to request changes.
  • Give you a chance to discuss problems in the project and thus to forewarn supervisor or panel of supervisors.
  • Force you to establish a work schedule so that you'll complete the project on time.

Notes :
1. The supervisor shall recommend to terminate the candidature of a student whose progress is not satisfactory and students who FAIL TO SUBMIT his/her progress report within the stipulated period shall be BARRED from registering in the following semester.
2. A student who has submitted his/her thesis assessment is NOT subjected to submitting his/her progress report.


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